Can-Fite seeks EMA Orphan Medication Designation for CF102 in HCC Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd.

If CF102 is usually granted Orphan Drug Designation in European countries, Can-Fite would benefit from incentives including protocol assistance, charge reductions, and market exclusivity after the medicine is out there for up to a decade in European Union member nations. As we are conducting our Stage II trial for CF102 in the treating liver tumor, we believe this is an opportune period for us to use for Orphan Drug Designation in Europe. If our Stage II study email address details are favorable, after that this designation would grant us the European Medicines Agency's valuable assistance in the development of our Stage III study protocol, stated Pnina Fishman, CEO of Can-Fite.Why does a toxic chemical like lithium have to be used for this experiment? Can it be because of its psychiatric and mood-stabilizing results for this kind of ailments as despression symptoms and schizophrenia? What are we not really being told? Then, there will be the chemicals barium and aluminum. There has to be a logical description as to the reasons these toxic chemicals have already been discovered as nano particles falling out of the sky. Consider barium, for example. It’s referred to as a soft, silvery metal that, because of its volatile nature, should be kept in a controlled atmosphere. And aluminium is believe it or not dangerous. In addition, it is a soft, silvery white metal that is so reactive that it must be combined with other minerals to decrease its instability.