According to analyze conducted by investigators in UC Davis Childrens Medical center.

‘We found that infants who received yet another two months of complete breastfeeding had been over four times less inclined to agreement pneumonia and fifty % as more likely to suffer recurrent ear attacks,’ said lead writer Caroline Chantry, a pediatrician with UC Davis Children’s Medical center. Chantry and her co-workers discovered that the health great things about the additional 8 weeks of complete breastfeeding continued to safeguard babies from respiratory ailments through their second birthdays. ‘This finding increases the mounting proof that the much longer a mom breastfeeds her infant, the higher the ongoing health advantages,’ Chantry said.Researchers at the Netherlands Malignancy Institute in Amsterdam found consuming particular essential fatty acids in fish could significantly impede the effects of chemotherapy, stated CBS Information medical contributor Dr. David Agus. So when there’s never been shown a benefit to patients with cancers, of fish oil capsules, and there’s a potential negative, patients right now should avoid it, friday on CBS TODAY Agus said. Data from 118 cancers sufferers undergoing chemotherapy and 50 healthy volunteers were in comparison to results collected from an experiment performed on mice.