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There is no placebo arm in the expansion study, and all individuals will be treated with palovarotene.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor at University of California SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA School of Medication and among the principal investigators in the extension study. The expansion trial provides access to palovarotene if patients experience flare-ups over the ensuing 12 weeks. Providing continued usage of palovarotene through this extension study is important for those patients who decided to participate in the previous trial, which included the chance of receiving either placebo or palovarotene treatment at the right time of a flare-up, commented Donna Grogan, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Clementia. We are focused on understanding the part of palovarotene as a potential treatment for FOP, and on understanding the long-term ramifications of treatment.Lee, the leading doctor finding the remedy after years of study. Although there many methods to treat it, such as hormone treatments, pain medication,surgery,but the traditional Chinese organic medicine named Fuyan Tablet can treat endometriosis efficiently though it could work slowly weighed against other options. As the method of Fuyan Tablet is strictly controlled, it’s an extremely safe herbal remedy with no side effect. No part allergy or impact has been reported since Fuyan Tablet has been used for years.