Case presentation Over an eight-month period.

An irregular dark freckle-like lesion Dermoscopy is specially useful in evaluating pigmented lesions that may be camouflaged by the mottled pores and skin associated with chronic sun damage and ageing. Case presentation Over an eight-month period, a 63-year-old man developed an irregular 1 cm diameter freckle-like lesion bounded asymmetrically by a white patch on his spine . The surrounding skin had comprehensive freckling and evidence of chronic sun damage. Dermoscopy revealed a pigmented lesion with a markedly irregular pigment network in a broken and coarse design. The network merged with the encompassing mottled sun-damaged skin .Appeal courtroom in UK overturns ‘shaken baby’ convictions London’s Court of Appeal has cleared two people who were jailed over so-known as ‘shaken baby’ cases. A series is accompanied by The ruling of high-profile trials where females possess overturned verdicts of murdering their babies, after joining a long list of parents to challenge the medical evidence utilized against them. The three judges said in the ruling, that the presence of the three features of ‘shaken baby syndrome’ did not necessarily mean that that was the cause of death. Those three features certainly are a swollen brain, bleeding around the mind and bleeding in the optical eye.