Are you vulnerable to developing type III diabetes?

There are three primary types of diabetes: Type I – Juvenile diabetes, type II – Adult onset diabetes, and gestational diabetes . All types have to deal with poor control of blood sugar due to an insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. Recent research may possess uncovered a new form of diabetes that affects the mind. It is quickly becoming known as type III diabetes and may be an etiology in the advancement of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Type II diabetes becoming even more commonDiabetics have high bloodstream sugars because their body either cannot generate enough insulin or their cells have grown to be resistant to insulin .For more info about the symposium, head to: Poster Presentation: Program #234: ‘Will the severe nature of LV dysfunction or the degree of myocardial scar explain elevations in plasma galectin-3 in sufferers with heart failing?’ by Nasser Sherwi, with respect to John G.F. Cleland and co-workers . To find out more: Oral Presentation: Program #612: ‘Novel biomarkers of cardiovascular risk prediction and individual segmentation’, by Peter Gardiner, Senior Medical Officer, BG Medication.