Cancer survivors petition for bald Barbie online NEW YORK Barbie has been an astronaut.

To make a bald Barbie in support of children with cancer, alopecia or trichotillomania. On the official Facebook web page for the mixed group, the moderators state that they believe that the doll will be a great method to greatly help children who suffer from these illnesses or know someone who will cope with the adjustments. They add they would like to see a portion of the proceeds go to childhood cancer analysis and treatment. Friends Rebecca Jane and Sypin Bingham, who live on opposite coasts but have both been affected by the disease, hatched the idea for the social media movement because Barbie is an influential children’s toy.But that recommendation of yours to stand before a full length mirror and have a actual appear. From all directions. That was like getting hit with a baseball bat. That pressured me to stop lying to myself and everyone else, too. I used to really tell people that I didn’t eat that very much . But I ate lots when I was without any help and with the wife, who is overweight, but not nearly as bad as I was. But that naked viewing, that was a huge wake up call and while some people in my office thought the e-mail was a little mean, it was that which was required and I wish somebody had said it earlier. I’ve been on this program for 18 weeks and I today weigh 246.