California hoodwinked by big business middle aged men.

California hoodwinked by big business, Prop 37 fails – Here’s how exactly to continue the fight for safe food A lot of money wins just as before – – this time around defeating Prop. 37 in California middle aged men . Monsanto, DuPont and others contributed $45 million to keep carefully the American public at night about genetically modified organisms. Even though the failure of the ballot measure is certainly a blow to those who value safe meals, the battle continues on a grassroots level. Taking the initiative and protecting yourself from GM meals remains a substantial issue for health insurance and well-being. With awareness and perseverance, GMOs can be defeated forever through informed choices.

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The PHG identifies 4 parts per trillion as a known degree of arsenic in drinking water that could not be likely to pose a substantial human health risk. Joan E. Denton said. The PHG is based upon studies of thousands of patients in Taiwan, Chile and Argentina with bladder and lung cancers associated with elevated levels of arsenic in normal water. OEHHA estimates that a level of 4 parts per trillion of arsenic in drinking water would cause not more than one additional cancer case in a population of one million people drinking two liters of water daily for 70 years. Arsenic is found naturally in air, water, soil, mineral deposits, and food. While arsenic in water is naturally occurring, the improper disposal of waste chemicals can contaminate water materials with arsenic also.