Cervical Symptoms: When Should I Call My Doctor?

* Problems in walking.. Cervical Symptoms: When Should I Call My Doctor? Cervical Symptoms : – In case you are feeling repeated & regular pain in the neck, occasionally vertigo, sudden darkness, heaviness in occipital region of head, pain & heaviness in the neck and shoulders, tingling or numbness in one or both hands it is time to call your physician then. This can end up being the early levels of cervical spondylitis. If these spondylitis symptoms are not treated on the proper time, inter-vertebral disc and cervical structure can be damaged.Creating a particularly challenging environment for executing a retrospective investigation,’ adding, ‘The nature and. Effects resulting from these presssing issues are unmeasured and remain unknown.’ The researchers noted that they could not determine the reason why or complete validity of the study’s results because of several factors. Researchers did not know how many children resided in the county prior to the hurricane. In addition, the analysis included only kids who experienced health problems before Katrina. Researchers also were unsure if the number of physician appointments was affected by the announcement in February that travel trailers provided by the government to families who had been displaced by the hurricane had toxic levels of formaldehyde, which can cause respiratory and additional health problems.