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These large wall clocks make a statement and add to the decor of any room. No matter what your style, beautify your home, office or business lobby with a functional, beautiful time piece. Each clock is made by hand and is individually unique. We have many textures and colors available. The large standard or Roman numerals are easily read from across the room. What a great gift idea for that special occasion or a housewarming gift for that dear friend. Click on one of the links below to view the many large wall clocks available, with information and pricing. You can also Design your own. So look around and find your favorite style, and email us with questions or comments. Let us know if you have an idea for a personalized clock, made just for you!

Cherish your time……Spend it wisely!

Extra Large Wall Clocks Huge Wall Clocks Giant Wall Clocks Oversized Wall Clocks Gallery Wall Clocks no matter what you call them…They’re Very Big Clocks ! We also do vinyl lettering.

We have 3 clock product lines: Clocks by Guinevere, Heirloom Clocks & Silver Creek Clocks. You can locate links to each site on the bottom of every page. Take a look around, we’re sure you’ll find something you will love!

Each clock is made custom to your specifications and is returnable at our discretion. You’ve probably never seen anything like them. You will be absolutely amazed by their size and beauty!

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and all forms of payment through Paypal

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Shillville.com  is a community of affiliates creating unique products, made with only the highest quality standards.  If you hand craft a unique product that you would like to market in Shillville, you may use the following link to contact us with your request.  Please attach images of your  custom work for our careful review.  Thanks! 

Heirloom Clocks

Large Wall Clocks 


8.5 X 11 hardbound book

A step by step guide to
making large wall

If you are looking for replacement mechanisms or hands, we have found the best source is clockparts.com. 

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Principal endpoints included security at 30 days and target lesion patency at 12 months.

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